Click here to read about Hahn's visit to the Danube Region in the Wiener Zeitung! (German language only)
Commissioner Johannes Hahn launched his tour of the Danube region today along with Austrian Foreign Minister, Michael Spindelegger, at the Donau Marina in Vienna. Commissioner Hahn held a press conference to inform the media about his tour which will include seven countries – Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria – and will involve meeting with high-level politicians and stakeholders. After the press conference he met with the steering group of Priority Area 7 ‘Knowledge Society’. The Commissioner has a busy schedule in Vienna which includes meeting with the Austrian Federal Minister of Education, the Mayor of Vienna, the National Contact Points of the EUSDR, visiting the Vienna Central Station construction site, meeting with the Federal Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection and visiting the Integrated River Engineering Project and the Donau-Auen National Park. Tomorrow he heads to Bratislava for an equally packed day of events.

For photos of Commissioner Hahn’s kick-off event of the Danube region tour, check out our photo gallery!

For more information about Commissioner Hahn's tour of the Danube Region, visit his website.

The Danube Region Strategy's Spring 2012 Newsletter is now available for download!

As we approach the one year anniversary of the Danube Region Strategy, this issue of the newsletter covers the last meeting of PACs and NCPs in Bucharest, an interview with the Priority Area 11 Coordinators about security cooperation, an update from the European Commission, information about the upcoming Danube Day and more.

To download your copy of the Spring 2012 newsletter, click here or look under our publications archive.

For full versions of the PAC 11 interviews found on page 6 of the newsletter, please click here.

The spring issue of TransEcoNet News is ready for download on the project website.

It contains interesting facts about the following topics:

- TransEcoNet Final Symposium in Dresden, 29-30 March 2012
- Evolution of place: Perceptions from Pomurje region in north-eastern Slovenia
- Visualisation of land use change at the foothills of the Giant Mountains
- European Commission develops strategy for green infrastructure
- Restoring steppe landscapes in the Ukraine

Life + 2012 Call for proposals

The LIFE+ 2012 call for proposals was published.

The following themes are covered by this announcement:

  • LIFE+ Nature and Biodiversity
  • LIFE+ Environment Policy & Governance
  • LIFE+ Information & Communication

Project proposals should be sent to the relevant Member States authorities no later than 26/09/2012. Thereafter, national authorities will send project proposals to the European Commission by 02/10/2012.
For further information please visit the following website:

Danubeparks, the Danube River Network of Protected Areas, has released a brand new edition of the Danubeparks newletter.

Having just wrapped up the first Danubeparks transnational project in February 2012, the newsletter summarizes the most important successes of the project and also highlights the plans and challenges for the future.

You can access the full newsletter in PDF form here, and find out more about Danubeparks on their website: .
For the first time, representatives of financial institutions and SMEs sat around a table to discuss financing possibilities and identify new business opportunities in the Danube Region. The dialogue was organised by Priority Area 10, Institutional Capacity and Cooperation.

All documents, presentations and pictures from the 1st Danube Financing Dialogue can be accessed here.

The meeting was co-organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania, the European Commission DG Regional Policy and INTERACT Point Vienna.

Presentations and group discussions centred around:

* the implementation of the action plan,
* current and potential future funding opportunities,
* governance, and
* communicating the EU Danube Region Strategy.

Some presentations can be downloaded here:

01 EUSBSR perspective - Erik Kiesow - NCP Sweden.pdf
02 From idead to bankable project EIB Tilman Seibert.pdf
02 Funding available for Danube Region EIB Marika Levena.pdf
02 Role of macro-regions in draft regulations Alain Roggeri.pdf
03 EUSDR National Decision Matrix Romania Viorel Ardeleanu.pdf
04 Communicating PA 1A - Thomas Hartl.pdf
04 Communication actions INTERACT and proposals 2012 Elise Blais.pdf

The January 2012 issue of the INTERACT Newsletter addresses the theme of Macro-Regional Strategies.

What is a macro-region? What is a European Union macroregional strategy? How does it work? How can it be bettered? Why is it so important for our common European future? You can find the answers to these and additional questions in this issue of INTERACT newsletter.

You can download the full issue or browse the articles on INTERACT website.

In 2011, the European Commission commissioned a study on the "Analysis of needs for financial instruments in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR)". 

The main objectives of this study:
  • Identifying the needs and expectations of main stakeholders including Priority Area Coordinators (PACs), project leaders and promoters of ideas as well as Member States (Managing Authorities).
  • Identifying and describing the existing financial and ‘non-financial’ instruments.
  • Identifying the gaps and explaining how to fill them.

The final report, prepared by Metis, is now publicly available for download.
The first Danube Financing Dialogue will take place in Vienna on 22-23 March 2012.
It aims to bring together Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with Financial Institutions covering the entire Danube Region.
For more information, please visit the page of Priority Area "Institutional Capacity".