Last week in Regensburg the First Annual Forum of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region took place. A diverse group of Danube Region stakeholders were in attendance, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed the extent of high level political engagement in the Strategy by making the keynote speech. Merkel highlighted that regional cooperation across national borders is necessary to achieve a highly competitive Europe and Danube Region.

The First Annual Forum of the EUSDR was live-streamed online and the videos are now available here. An article about the Forum from newspaper Süddeutsch is available here (German language only).
Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the audience of the EUSDR Annual Forum today in Regensburg. Chancellor Merkel encouraged the Danube stakeholders to make use of the chance we have in Europe: to live in a democracy. Check out the photo gallery for more images from the first EUSDR Annual Forum.
if you can´t make it to Regensburg, you may still follow the debates on web livestream: click here to watch the conference (starting Tuesday at 2PM CET)

You´d like to contribute to the debate? Connect yourself to Twitter and use the hashtag #eusdr, share your thoughts and read about the conference progress in real time.
The European Commission has produced a reflection paper which is intended to facilitate the discussions at the EUSDR Annual Forum. It provides an initial working level assessment on implementation, and raises questions for further reflection.To download the paper off of the INFOREGIO website, please click here.
The steering group of PA3 will meet on 22.11.2012 in Bucharest.
Further information on the website of Priority Area 3.
Commissioner for Regional Policy Johannes Hahn today marked a historic moment as he crossed a new bridge connecting the Bulgarian region of Vidin to neighbouring and Calafat.

The bridge which is co-financed by the EU is only the second bridge along the countries' 630 km border, demonstrating how the EU's Danube Strategy is stepping up co-operation in the region.

More information, photos and videos on the website of the European Commission.

Photo: (c) European Commission 2012

Read about Commissioner Hahn's visit to Romania, the celebration of Danube Day, the "Danube & Delta" international fair and much more.

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Each Priority Area's implementation report is now available for download below:

PA 1a PA 6
PA 1b PA 7
PA 2 PA 8
PA 3 PA 9
PA 4 PA 10
PA 5 PA 11

The autumn 2012 edition of Panorama magazine entitled "Investing in regions" is now online! While the focus of this edition is the use of financial instruments to support regional policy, there is also a two page feature on the visit of Commissioner Hahn to the Danube region and the first year of the EUSDR. To download the magazine, click here.

On 8 - 9 July Ministers and Vice-Ministers of 11 countries in the Danube Region met in Ulm to agree on specific steps towards implementation of the Danube Region Strategy in the fields of research and innovation. The final communiqué can be downloaded here. To read more about the conference and its outcome (German language only) click here.

Check out the new EUSDR flyer! Used by Commissioner Hahn throughout his trip, the flyer explains the key facts of the strategy and gives examples of EUSDR projects in the region. You can download a copy of the flyer here, or find it under the Communication tab.