We have the pleasure to announce you that the “Final Consolidated Input Document of the Danube Countries for the Revision of the EUSDR Action Plan (V1)” is ready.

The document is now endorsed by the EUSDR National Coordinators and it is officially handed over to EC / DG Regio as input for the EUSDR Action Plan revision process.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all actors contributing to this revision process.


You can download the document here.

The Vienna office of DSP is facing changes in staff. Therefore EUFA Vienna launched a call for the following positions:
-Pillar officer (pillars 1 and 4), PA (2019/02) Pillar Officer (m/f)
Deadline for applications is the 29th of July.

The LinkingDanube project invites all interested stakeholders to its final conference where the main project results will be presented. The event will be organized in Bucharest, at Europa Royale Bucharest Hotel on 26th of June 2019, in the context of the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum on 27-28 June also in Bucharest.

The main goals of the event are to:

- Present the operational and practical part of the Distributed Journey Planning for the Danube Region (DRJP)

- Analyse the impact and development / implementation of the DRJP at regional / European level

The DJRP demonstrates the feasibility and functionality of the LinkingDanube concept, including both integrating rural public transport services into the information flow of national / regional travel planning and linking services for the provision of cross-border services in the Danube Region.

The LinkingDanube concept and DRJP will be presented to participants where they will have the opportunity to test the functionality of the journey planner.

The participation in the event is free of charge and is held in English language.

Please check the detailed agenda.

If interested, please register here until 24th of June.

For further details, follow the link: https://bit.ly/2LcB9Z0 or check the detailed

The Danube Strategy Point (DSP), at the request of the Romanian Presidency of the EUSDR, organizes, as a side event to the 8th edition of the EUSDR Annual Forum, a session dedicated to the Public Hearings on the revision of the EUSDR Action Plan. The session is to take place in the morning of the 1st day of the Annual Forum, June 27th, starting 9.00 a.m.(Romania time).

The event aims at presenting the process of revision of the Action Plan focusing on the results of the discussions conducted at the level of the National Coordinators (NCs) and Priority Area Coordinators (PACs). DSP will present the outcomes of the online survey conducted prior to the Annual Forum.

This session offers the opportunity for Civil Society, any other external EUSDR actors and promoters of activities and projects to make their proposals for actions to be integrated into the Action Plan.

This event will be interactive and participants will be encouraged to offer feedback and react on the discussions. The participants will take the floor to express their points of view and submit their questions and ideas using an online live platform (www.sli.do).

For more details, check the agenda.

Participants to the Forum are welcomed to participate also in this session and provide their input for the new Action Plan. If you registered to participate in the Forum, no additional registration is required.


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OSCE is organizing a simulation-based training on combating human trafficking along migration routes, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region, that will take place from 16 to 20 September 2019 at the Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units (CoESPU) in Vicenza, Italy.

Thus, we are pleased to share with you this call for participants (targeted training audience: specialized investigators on human trafficking crimes, border and immigration officers, prosecutors, financial investigators, international protection officers, labour inspectors, lawyers, cultural mediators, anti-trafficking NGOs, specialized staff working in shelters for trafficked persons and municipal social services providers).

This training session is open to a multi-disciplinary group of 70 participants from the OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation, with a particular focus on the Mediterranean region.

Based on realistic, expert-developed criminal scenarios to simulate cases of labour and sexual exploitation among migrants, including child victims, the simulations train participants to promptly identify trafficked persons and traffickers, paying attention both to the effectiveness of the investigation and prosecution on the one hand, and the protection of human rights through a victim-centred approach on the other. An important goal of the simulations is also to promote the use of financial investigations.

Interested experts are invited to apply directly for one specific position in the simulation (see job descriptions on pages 9-22 of the call for participants) by sending their application form to cthblivex [AT] osce [DOT] org no later than 30 June 2019.

For details and any questions, please visit the project website or contact Mr Pedro Pinto Teixeira.

Documents available for download: call for participants and application form.

One of the goals of the Danube Strategy Point (DSP) is to increase the visibility of EUSDR by implementing communication measures for the whole Danube region. The DSP serves as a strategic support for all EUSDR stakeholders who will find a professional point of contact and communication to foster the strategy efficiently.

Thus, the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, through DSP office in Bucharest, is launching the following PUBLIC TENDER: "Acquisition of advertising consultancy services to complete the EUSDR communication strategy and related activities"

The economic operator is expected to provide the following services:
• finalizing the EUSDR Communication Strategy, together with the development of the narrative which will be included in the Communication Strategy. These are designed to provide guidance and support to all stakeholders in the EUSDR and to ensure a coordinated way of internal and external communication,
• developing a communication guide
• organizing a communication workshop.

More details can be found within the following papers:

- notice of participation (in Romanian)

- terms of reference (in Romanian and English)

- tender form (in Romanian)

- draft contract (in Romanian)

The offer consisting of the technical proposal and the financial proposal will be elaborated in Romanian and will be submitted in one of the following ways:
- at the e-mail address: simona [DOT] scarlat [AT] mdrap [DOT] ro.
- in a closed envelope, during the working hours, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration, from Bd. Libertatii nr. 16, North Side, Bucharest, Registry (room 3). The envelope will include the subject of the contract "Acquisition of advertising consultancy services to complete the EUSDR communication strategy and related activities"

Deadline: 12th of June 2019; 12:00 h ( Bucharest time - EEST - GMT+3)

Contact: Simona Scarlat, tel. 0372.111.440, fax: 0372.111.445, e-mail: simona [DOT] scarlat [AT] mdrap [DOT] ro.



The Office of the Lower Austrian Federal Government, Department for International and European Affairs (LAD4) in its function as Chairman of the Working Community of the Danube Regions, is happy to invite you to Bucharest to the conference “Working Community of the Danube Regions - the voice of regions in the danube area” on 26th June 2019, 10:00h– 13:00h (local time)Human Rights Hall, Parliament Palace, Bucharest, RomaniaThe conference is a side event of the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum, which will also be held in Bucharest on 27th/28thJune 2019 in the Palace of Parliament.
This event aims to show the work within the Working Community, its added value for danubian regions and its connection to the European Strategy for the Danube Region. In addition to keynote inputs and discussions with experts, best practice projects from the Danube Region will be presented.
For more details see the programme attached.
The registration to the Conference of the Working Community of the Danube Regions is open until 11th June 2019.
To be able to participate at this conference, you need to register for the 8th EUSDR Annual Forum!
For registering, please follow two steps:
1.      Please fill in this registration form and send it back by e-mail to post [DOT] lad4 [AT] noel [DOT] gv [DOT] ator by fax to +43 2742 9005 13610.
For further information contact post [DOT] lad4 [AT] noel [DOT] gv [DOT] at or +43 2742 9005 13779.
The invitation and updated programme can be found on their website.
2.     Please register on the page of the 8. EUSDR Annual Forum to get the accreditation confirmation and additional information about the release of entry badges to the Parliament Palace. (click here)
See you in Bucharest!

The Jewish Heritage - IncubatorThe Jewish Heritage - Incubator program for EU strategy for the Danube Region (EUSDR) is one of the six Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe that have been awarded the Routes4U grant to implement projects contributing to the EU macro-regional strategies.

The project consists in a plan for the development of Jewish Heritage Routes in the macro-region, which includes a two-day program, based on different levels and in a multidisciplinary way.

The aim of the project is to accelerate the process of creating Jewish Heritage Routes in the macro-region and establish the bases for their transnational collaboration through a training program and transnational work sessions among the participants. Activities contribute to the promotion of inter-religious and intercultural dialogue with a view to facilitate historical discussion on Jewish heritage among citizens on a local and European level.


The annual edition of the EUSDR Forum will be held between June 27th-28th in Bucharest, at the Palace of Parliament and we have the FINAL AGENDA

The registration process for the event is open for only 21 more days!

We invite you to apply here until June 18th, 2019. Please be aware that the venue of the event is accessible ONLY for registered individuals wearing a valid badge.

For official delegations, please contact monica [DOT] pescaru [AT] mae [DOT] ro or suerd [AT] mae [DOT] ro, in order to designate the Delegate Accreditation Officer. 

Further information about the event is available on this website.

Following the Routes4U call for proposals, six Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe have been awarded the Routes4U grant to implement projects contributing to the EU macro-regional strategies: the Danube Region (EUSDR), the Alpine (EUSALP), the Baltic Sea (EUSBSR) and the Adriatic-Ionian (EUSAIR).

The Cultural Routes programme (DG Democracy) was launched by the Council of Europe in 1987 with the Declaration of Santiago de Compostela.

The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe are an invitation to travel and to discover the rich and diverse heritage of Europe by bringing people and places together in networks of shared history and heritage. They put into practice the values of the Council of Europe: human rights, cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and mutual exchanges across borders.

Through its programme, the Council of Europe offers a model for transnational cultural and tourism management and allows synergies between national, regional and local authorities and a wide range of associations and socio-economic actors.

The 16th meeting of the Steering Group of PA 11 Security will take place in 24-25 June, 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria, and will be organized by the Ministry of Interior of Republic of Bulgaria.

The Steering Group meets twice a year to monitor the progress made in important areas such as implementation of PA 11 targets and actions, new project proposals, calls for submission of projects, EUSDR management issues. 

The overall objective is to monitor the implementation progress of projects and to continue the discussion of the revision of the Action Plan. The main themes taht will be discussed during the event are: cooperation between PA 11 and PA 1a, projects’ implementation, revision of the Action Plan and the ESPON monitoring tool. Participants at this Steering Group will be the members from the 14 EUSDR countries, Europol, SELEC, etc.

Venue: General Directorate for Fire Safety and Civil Protection, 30 Nikola Gabrovski St, Sofia, Bulgaria.

The draft agenda can be downloaded here.