On 17 October 2018, Priority Area 10, the Danube Civil Society Forum and the Citizens Participation Forum in Bulgaria organize the 5th Danube Participation Day in Sofia, back to back with the EUSDR Annual Forum.

This year’s Danube Participation Day focuses on the topic “Expanding Civic Spaces – Participation Strategies in the Danube Region” and addresses strategies for cooperation and participation in regional development and public governance for local actors and civil society.

The registration is now open. Please register at the following link: http://dcsf.danubestrategy.eu/pd5/node/548/register

Project promoters are encouraged to take an active part in the programme by sending a short video about their initiative/project/project idea to join the All Danube Speed Dating Panel (Exhibition Space) in the afternoon. The applicants with submitted videos will receive extra visibility during the 5th Danube Participation Day.

For more information on this and the 5th Danube Participation Day, please visit: http://dcsf.danubestrategy.eu/pd5/event/5th-danube-participation-day-%E2%80%93-expanding-civic-spaces-participation-strategies-danube-region