EU macro-regional strategies are aiming at addressing challenges shared within a functional area. They also aim at better implementation of the EU policies and more coordination of existing institutions and financial resources. Macro-regional strategies address broad scope of priorities, making an effort for cooperation and coordination across the territory.

Taking into account that transport issues are at heart of all four EU macro-regional strategies and they connect not only countries within one macro-region but also countries across macro-regions, INTERACT has organised a Joint meeting of Transport Coordinators (water and land) of the all four EU macro-regional strategies on 14-15 March 2017 in Ljubljana.

The meeting was following up on the discussion in the High Level Group for Macro-regional strategies (held on 30 May 2016) inviting Coordinators of Transport theme, priority, action or pillar from all four macro-regional strategies to exchange practices and experiences in implementation of their tasks.

The outcomes of the meeting are published in this summary report.