The Danube Region Strategy addresses a wide range of issues; these are divided among 4 pillars and 12 priority areas. Each priority area is managed by two countries as Priority Area Coordinators (PACs). To find out more about the role of PACs, please see Governance. Read here the Annual Progress Reports for each Priority Area.


 PA 1a horizontal     PA 1b horizontal    PA 2 horizontal    PA 3 horizontal

             PA 1A                            PA 1B                             PA 2                             PA 3

     Waterways Mobility                Rail-Road-Air Mobility            Sustainable Energy                Culture & Tourism


                PA 4 horizontal         PA 5 horizontal          PA 6 horizontal

                     PA 4                                   PA 5                                   PA 6                  

                      Water Quality                        Environmental Risks                 Biodiversity & Landscapes


                PA 7 horizontal          PA 8 horizontal          PA 9 horizontal

                           PA 7                                   PA 8                                   PA 9  

                     Knowledge Society               Competitiveness of Enterprises              People & Skills


                                     PA 10 horizontal             PA 11 horizontal

                                             PA 10                                     PA 11             

                              Institutional Capacity & Cooperation                   Security